Arkki 5-Day Camps

Programs run during the school holiday periods and are a series of 5-Day Camps (Mon to Fri) 

Junior Innovator (4 to 7 years old)
Develops creativity and innovation through hands-on fun, play and experimentation, utilizing a wide variety of materials and building techniques and activities. Throughout each class, children will develop key habits and skills in planning, prototyping, testing, and storytelling.

Product Design (8+ years old)
Teaches “Design Thinking” through the development of both physical and digital products in collaboration with Industry. Children will gain an understanding of “industry pain points” before ideas are developed, discussed, prototyped, and tested. A variety of tools and techniques such as 3D fabrication will also be introduced to provide children the skills and confidence to model their ideas.

Fashion Design (8+ years old)
Teaches “Design Thinking” through the making of bespoke clothes and accessories in collaboration with Industry. Children will gain an understanding of the elements of style, the importance of incorporating lifestyle choices and aesthetics in design, and the impact the clothing industry has. Tools and techniques in working with various fabrics will be taught to allow children to create and express their personal style.

Urban Design (8+ years old)
Provides children an understanding of urbanization and builds awareness among them of how city planning impacts all aspects of society through site visits and interviews. Through collaboration with city planners and architectural entities, children are provided the opportunity to provide real inputs and ideas to actual present-day urban planning projects. Children will work in groups to discuss and debate ideas, model and present their planning ideas both physically and utilizing architectural 3D modelling software.

Animation (8+ years old)
Let your child’s imagination soar and empower them to create extraordinary creative projects. Arkki’s 5-day animation course teaches the fundamentals of animation techniques. Let kids have fun experiencing the magic of animation from ancient to traditional methods, channeling their learning to digital animation processes. Kids will explore drawing, building character ideas, storyboarding and ultimately generating a short story via stop motion animation.

Interior Design (8+ years old)
Using design ideation and creative challenges, Arkki’s Interior design camp is a fun way to learn about spatial dimensions, be aware of aesthetics in home design and focus on the user and functionality of design projects. Children will learn to use drawing skills, shaping ideas through hands on projects and using digital techniques to showcase interior design schemes.

Note: All themes are subject to change by demand