Arkki Practicalities

Notify absence.

In Arkki, each class and project builds upon the knowledge and learning gained from previous classes. As such, regular attendance to classes is important. If you are unable to attend a class, please inform the teacher to reschedule.

Come to classes on time.

All classes begin with an introduction to the subject and project’s working methods.

Follow the instructions.

The teacher is responsible for your child’s safety. As such, all instructions provided must be followed.

Working as a group.

Teamwork and peer learning are important in Arkki. Learning as a group means that everyone respects others and is considerate to the work of others.

Clean up after yourself.

It is always nice to start building on a clean and uncluttered table.  As such, being considerate and responsible and cleaning up after oneself is an essential part of the class.

Dress suitably.

In Arkki, projects may involve the use of a wide variety of building materials and tools. It is recommendable that you come for class suitably dressed.