Arkki is the world’s Leading School of Creative Education for Children and Youth from 4 – 19-year-old, founded in Finland since 1993. Creative education empowers children and youth with the core 21st century skills and qualities that best prepares them for a future of work where traditional jobs will be disrupted by technological development.

In Finland, the Arkki curriculum is integrated into the national extracurricular creative education program of Finland. It is also approved by Finnish Ministry of Education & Culture, and certified by Finnish National Agency for Education to export Finnish education know-hows out to the World. Arkki’s proven creative education curriculum over the past 25 years have contributed to making Finnish education one of the most admired and Finland one of the leading innovative countries in the world.

Arkki is now available for licensing in Thailand and we see ourselves playing a unique role to fill the “missing link” in Thailand’s ambition to create a start-up and innovation system, and digital economy.

If you share our passion for education and its role in contributing to Thailand’s development, we love to meet you.

Arkki offers the following support:

  • Right to use Arkki brand, brand elements and branded tools
  • Access to Arkki’s educational content with detailed step-by-step guidance
  • Know-how for setting up, running and developing local Arkki centers and operations
  • Training for all personnel, special in-depth pedagogical training for the teachers
  • Guidance, quality control, and a firm commitment to you and your students’ success