Camps and holiday programs

In addition to the long-term creative education curriculum, Arkki also offers short-term theme courses. Such theme courses are designed to teach creativity and 21st century skills through around a topic that students are interested in. For example,

Junior Innovator

Hut Building

Fashion Design

Animation & Film Making

Urban Planning

Interior Design etc.

In a typical theme course, students work individually and in teams for 3 – 5 days, on a meaningful project, often with social or corporate partnerships. Students are guided to approach each project through design thinking and are taught how to apply STEAM knowledge while being provided opportunities to practice 21st-century skills and develop important qualities. At the end of each course, students would have persisted through challenges to succeed in bringing their ideas into reality, genuinely empowering their confidence and self-esteem.

Most of our off-term programs run during the school holiday periods and are offered as ‘holiday camps’.



Twice each year (Non-Covid time), Arkki also runs creative design camps in Finland to allow children the opportunity to learn with the best Finnish teachers and explore one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

April – Creative Film Making in Winter Wonderland

July/August– Hut Building and Sustainability

Urban Design theme course

What would make a city better for its people? Whats my city like and how has it developed? What makes a city good for children? What is the best, happiest and smartest city for the future? In this five-day course, …

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