Long Term Programs

The Arkki long-term creativity and design courses run at our centre during regular school term for 1.5 to 3 hours / week. There are presently 3 courses available:

  • DESIGN FUNDAMENTALS (4-7 Years) develops creativity and innovation through hands-on fun, play and experimentation. Projects utilizes a wide variety of materials, building techniques and activities. Throughout each class, children develop key habits and skills in planning, prototyping, testing and storytelling.








  • PRODUCT DESIGN (7+ Years and above) teaches ‘Design Thinking’ through the development of both physical and digital products in collaboration with our industry partners. Children gain an understanding of industry pain points before ideas are developed, discussed, prototyped and tested. A variety of tools and techniques such as 3D fabrication and digital simulation provides children the skills and confidence to model their ideas.




  • ARKKIBOTICS (7+ Years and above) teaches children computational thinking and design skills. This course builds an awareness and appreciation of technology in use around them. Besides computer literacy, coding, robotics, engineering and
    machine-building, the fundamentals of this course allows children to gain new perspectives and skills to innovate and design self-driven projects.