Arkki is the world’s Leading School of Skills & Creative Education for Children and Youth from 4 – 19-year-old, founded in Finland since 1993. In Finland, the Arkki curriculum is integrated into the national extracurricular creative education program of Finland. It is also approved by Finnish Ministry of Education & Culture, and certified by Finnish National Agency for Education to export Finnish education know-hows out to the World. Over the past 25 years, Arkki has organized thousands of courses and workshops for more than 20,000 children in more than 20 countries.

Since 2019, Arkki comes to Thailand with the aim to build a systematic and progressive creative education ecosystem for children and youth from 4 – 19 years old, connecting them to their peers  throughout ASEAN and with Finland through international camps, projects and exchange programs.



Knight First Class of the Order of Lion of Finland

Member, Finland’s National Curriculum Team

CEO and Founder, Arkki

Pihla Meskanen is an architect and a pedagogue who specializes in creative education. She has written several books about creative education and taken part in writing the National Curriculum for Visual Arts and Architecture under the National Board of Education. Meskanen is a founding member of PLAYCE, an international association of architecture education, and is currently the head of the board. She has practiced architecture 1996-2008 in her office Architects Meskanen & Pursiainen. She has taught in several universities, published articles, and is a frequent speaker in conferences related to architecture education. To acknowledge her work in the field of creative education she has been awarded in Finland The Asko-Avonius Prize in 2018, the Building Information Foundation’s Pietilä Prize in 2004, the State Children’s Culture Award in 2005, and was chosen the Art Educator of the Year 2013.